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Pool was escorted into the Oval Office at 10:36, where Obama, wearing a dark suit and blue tie, was seated at the north end of the room facing South.

To Obama's immediate right was Michael Bloomberg and to Bloomberg's right was John Kasich.

At the meeting to promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Obama emphasized the agreement would give the United States an advantage in the fastest growing part of the world.

"It is an area where we have the potential to sell American goods and promote American markets," Obama said.

The TPP, Obama said, would lead countries to increase their labor and environmental standards.

"After a lot of negotiations, we got what is the most effective, progressive trade deal that we've ever seen," Obama said.

The TPP is important, Obama said, because China is pushing for influence in the region won't work with rules "fair to American business."

Obama expressed frustration with "so much misinformation" about the TPP and said people whose job it is to ensure American business is strong "know that this needs to get done."

"If you're frustrated about rules and trade that disadvantage America, if you're frustrated about jobs being shipped overseas and other countries selling goods into our country freely, when we can't sell out stuff in other countries freely, then you want to get this thing passed, you want to get this thing done," Obama said.

See previous pool report for Obama's reaction to Jon Karl's question at the end of the pool spray on birtherism developments.

White House officials not listed on the guidance, but seen standing at the south end of the Oval Office, were Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice.

Pool escorted out of Oval Office at 10:42.


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