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The final Obama White House Halloween

First, inside: POTUS and FLOTUS entered East Wing at 4:36, POTUS made brief remarks to the assembled families with costumed kids.

"Darth Vader back up a little bit, I'm getting spooked," Obama started. He told the kids they looked "scary or cool or whatever you're trying to be -  awesome, many of you look awesome." (check transcript)

POTUS told the kids not to pay attention to Michelle and that whole healthy eating thing. "In fact, the more candy you eat, the later you eat the candy, the better."

Then everyone did a dance to "Thriller" - Obamas joining in.

Sadly, POTUS and FLOTUS weren't in costume. POTUS  wore black sweater, gray collared shirt underneath, and jeans. FLOTUS wore a funky gold striped tunic with long strips of fabric hanging down, black leggings, short black boots.

Decor in East Wing dominated by big black and white balloons.

In foyer of main floor of WH, kids dunked for apples, in a sea of big helium eyeball balloons anchored to the floor.

Part II: Outside on the South Driveway: POTUS and FLOTUS came out at 4:54, and trick or treating commenced. Long line of kids (military an local school kids) and parents down the driveway. See press guidance from FLOTUS office on the whole scene.  Pumpkins on stilts, big giant mechanical bunnies, Alice in Wonderland figures.

Service band played. Joy of Motion dancers entertained.

POTUS and FLOTUS handed out candy for nearly an hour, then a bunch of kids did the Thriller dance. POTUS and FLOTUS retreated into WH thru South Portico at 5:46.

Best costume: A guy dressed up as Zach Galifianakis, holding a kid on each hip dressed up as ferns. "Between Two Ferns." Jordyn Phelps of ABC got a great shot, which she will post on Twitter. @jordynphelps.

Also sighted: Josh Earnest with son Walker, adorably costumed as Superman, hair slicked up.

Also great: a little kid dressed up as Barack Obama, with silvery hair.

Travel/photo lid called at 6:11.

Happy trick or treat!


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