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POTUS back @ WH 140 pm. Lunch lid until 330 pm.  In remarks @ NCTC POTUS noted he meets regularly with national security officials in Situation Room but chose this location "'because this is the hub where so many experts come together" He wanted to thank them and tell them to "leave no stone unturned" in determining what happened in san bernadino. He said Jeh Johnson briefed him on the safety of the traveling public and repeated that his team "at this moment" does  not have any specific and credible intelligence about  an attack on the Homeland.  He cited three main fronts in the fight against ISIL. "First going after terrorists over there...Second preventing terrorists getting into the United States...Three stepping up efforts to prevent attacks here at home". His message to the public "Stay vigilant...Stay united...our greatest allies in this fight are each other" He  wants every American to know these "dedicated patriots are working around the clock to protect us all and they're the best in the world.". Please ck quotes against transcript

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