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Pool ushered in @ end of meeting @ Ag dept for preview of POTUS sales pitch on TPP that he says "creates a level playing field" for American businesses and families. Treaty took 5 years to negotiate and eliminates 18000 taxes and tariffs on American products. He cited three. Japan puts 38 percent on American beef before it reaches market. Malaysia adds 30 percent to American auto parts. Vietnam adds as much as 70 percent to American cars sold in Vietnam.  Under the agreement all these fees will fall "most of them to zero."  Potus said agreement has hiest labor and environmental standards and in the months ahead before it comes to a vote he will be talking abt it with the American people and with mayors and govs. "I suspect that misinformation will be propagated as there usually is with these deals" he said. "It will be an enormous achievement for us to have some 40 percent of the worlds economies operating under rules that don't hurt us."                 POTUS did not respond to 2 shouted questions. What about the air strike in Afghanistan? Is it a war crime?  POTUS back @ White House 1 pm. Lunch lid til 230 with exception of briefing.  Pls check quotes against transcript as always  I will send list from White House of participants in Ag mtg in separate email. Eleanor Clift, Daily   Beast

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