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No significant news from the White House's Hispanic Heritage Month reception in the East Room, but you can get your daily thinly-veiled-shot-at-Donald-Trump and your victory-lap-without-losing-sight-of-unfinished-work-we-can-do-if-we-win and your FLOTUS isn't into POTUS running again ("Michelle says 'no más'") here. Travel photo lid called 5:29 pm.

As ever, check transcript, especially because audio was not awesome.

President Obama and Vice President Biden entered the East Room to applause and cheers - including some "Sí se puede" (yes we can) - at 4:57 pm. They were introduced by Roxana Giron, who praised Obama's record on helping immigrants and singled out Obamacare as "a tremendous blessing for me and my family."

"The main reason I'm here is just to say 'thank you.' As I look around this room, there are people who, if hadn't been for you we wouldn't be here," he said."Over the last eight years, we've made a lot of progress, together, for all Americans. And nowhere have we been able to see more vividly the progress than in the Hispanic-American community.

Obama talked about expanded health care, improved high school graduation rates, the My Brother's Keeper initiative, Hispanic income growth, outreach to Cuba (which got a big cheer), partnering with Mexico on immigration and energy and cultural exchanges.

"We've done a lot of work together, but we know we've got more work to do," the president said, citing opportunities for progress on education, equal pay, criminal justice reform, overhauling the immigration system. "We've known all along that we weren't going to get everything done during one presidency."

At that point, a woman in the crowd yelled out "stay for more, stay four more years." I can't, POTUS replied. "Michelle says 'no más!'" That got a big laugh and cheer.

"We all knew it was going to take more than one presidency, one vice presidency," Obama said. "But we're going to get it done, because we know where we need to go. We're not going to get there by tearing each other down, demonizing each other, turning on one another, trying to suggest that somehow there's one group that is more deserving that others who are outsiders."

Here my audio went utterly sideways, but he talked about weaving the strands of America into a beautiful fabric. And he read portions of a letter he got from a woman in Arizona who became a community organizer "I should tell you community organizer is not a lucrative career path" he said, but "sometimes it actually turns out ok." Big laughs.

Color: Pool was ushered into the residence from the North Portico around 4:20 p.m., past the crowd milling around an open bar, a four-piece Marine band combo (piano, bass, drums, sax). The East Room was roughly two-thirds full. Your pooler spotted Julián Castro. Some considerable proportion of attendees never strayed too far from the room with the open bar. Those in the East Room took photos of the chandeliers and snapped selfies, though a few of them looked upon your pool with the familiar pitying stare that says "oh, we are on the right side of the rope."

Travel Photo Lid.

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