Fw: Pool Report #3 -- Oval Office address and White House departure

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Subject: Pool Report #3 -- Oval Office address and White House departure

The pool was led into the Oval Office at 7:55 p.m. A podium was set up on the presidential seal, and three cameras sat just a few feet away. Tarps, lighting and equipment covered one side of the Oval Office. Couches and other furniture had been cleared away.

Festive garland adorned the doorways of the Oval Office, and a Christmas tree with red and gold ornaments sat near a window.

A few White House staffers and poolers were in the room, and three minutes before the speech started, Josh Earnest and Pete Souza entered the office. Ninety seconds before go time, President Obama walked in and headed straight to the podium. He took a sip of water from a glass stashed in the podium.

When the one-minute warning came, he asked, "That's one minute until we're live?"

The room was silent during the address, and once Obama wrapped up his remarks, he said, "Clear? All right. OK. Thank you guys." And with that, the president quickly exited the Oval Office.

The motorcade will be departing shortly for the Kennedy Center.

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