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The auditorium at Liberty Crossing seats 180, we’re told, and the speech was attended by members of the “intelligence community.”

A few highlights from the speech… I’d recommend checking against the speech transcript.

Obama praised DNI James Clapper as “one of my best human sources” and congratulated Clapper on his 50th wedding  anniversary, which is today.

He also did some prop comedy.

“I will say that the only flaw generally in what’s called the PDB I receive is that when Jim provides it, some of you may have heard, he leaves paperclips all over my office. They’re on the couch, they’re on the floor,” Obama said. “One of the things I did was return them all.” He held up a jar full of paperclips, prompting laughter.

Obama also praised the employees of the agencies that make up the ODNI.

“So I’m here just to tell you that you do an outstanding job”

“The fact that the work you prepare is giving it to me straight, that doesn’t look at the world through rose-colored glasses”...“that’s vitally important to me and as a consequence vitally important to the security of the American people.”

Obama also referred to the deaths of two hostages, disclosed yesterday, in Pakistan.

“We’re going to review what happened. We’re going to identify the lessons that can be learned” and make changes.

“The one thing I wanted everybody to know, because I know you, because I work with you, because I know the quality of this team, is that we all grieve when we lose an American life, we all grieve when any innocent life is taken. We don’t take this work lightly. “

“Our first job is to make sure that we protect the American people, but there’s not a person that I talk to that’s involved in the intelligence community that also doesn’t understand that we have to do so while upholding our values and our ideals and our Constitution and our commitment to democracy,” Obama said. “I know you share that commitment.”

“Understanding that this is hard stuff, everybody here is committed to doing I the right way. And for that reason I am absolutely committed to making sure that the American people understand all that you put in to make sure that we do it the right way”


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