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Travel photo lid called @ 540 pm.   Pool just left Gay Pride reception in East Room where several hundred attendees greeted POTUS with cheers and phones held aloft to capture the moment. POTUS acknowleged new Secretary of Army Manning and former Speaker "and perhaps soon to be Speaker again" Pelosi. Pool told by attendees that Harris Wofford was there. He recently penned moving op ed about planning same sex marriage @ age ninety.                     Crowd was mostly men and DC Mayor Bowser's aide to the LGBT community said many work on Capitol Hill. POTUS noted this is 8th Gay Pride reception of his presidency and he thanked the actvists and the lawyers and the families that made transformation we see today possible. "Don't ask don't tell don't exist no more," he said. "our kids-- Malia and Sasha -- instinctively know discrimination is so last century. We live in an America where the laws are catching uo with the kids."  He  recalled the warm summer night last June "when we lit up the White House, a beacon for people around the world who are still fighting for their rights.". He injected a note of caution into the celebratory mood saying "History doesn't just travel forward; sometimes it goes backward -- so we can't be complacent". He told everybody to have some champagne and enjoy themselves for "tomorrow we get back to work not just fighting on behalf of equality for the LGBT community but for everybody" POTUS exited the East Room to calls for 4 more years.  Pls ck quotes against transcript

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