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POTUS met with state and local leaders at Integrity House in Newark. Integrity House is a drug rehab facility that works closely with formerly incarcerated persons in the community. Details on the folks POTUS met with in the background information at the end of this report.

Before being ushered out, Obama addresses the press and praised the work of Integrity House.

"Integrity house for 31 years has been doing outstanding work with folks with addiction issues," Obama said, adding that "Part of our work here today is to highlight what is working" across the country.

Pool is holding in vans outside the facility, here the background from the White House:

Background from the White House:

Newark, New Jersey
The City of Newark is involved in a number of federal efforts to improve the reentry process for the formerly-incarcerated and to provide more opportunities for at-risk youth. For example, the District of New Jersey's Newark Reentry Court - called the ReNew program - was created to address the gap in services for recently-released federal offenders with the highest risk of reoffending. The court pools resources from the U.S. Attorney's Office, Federal Defenders, United States District Court, and the U.S. Probation Office. This reentry "team" meets every two weeks to discuss participants' progress and attend reentry court. The Newark pilot court launched in January 2013; an additional court opened in Camden in June 2015 and another one is launching in Newark on November 10, 2015. Over the course of participants' enrollment in ReNew, most obtained well-paid, long-term employment and housing and received cognitive behavioral therapy and financial counseling, among other services. Given the waiting list, ReNew hopes to add additional courts in Trenton, Camden, and Newark as resources allow.

Newark has also accepted the President's My Brother's Keeper Community Challenge.  Mayor Ras Baraka created My Brother's Keeper Newark (MBKN) in January of 2015 and the initiative, which is supported by Prudential, has held multiple forums with youth, law enforcement, city officials, and community leaders from across sectors to develop a plan of action, which will be released next month. Current programming plans include school readiness activities, a violence reduction initiative, community-based youth outreach workers, annual MBKN convocations, community garden and beautification projects, and youth summits where youth are given a meaningful role in shaping city policies. Following the events today with the President, Mayor Ras Baraka will host Broderick Johnson, Assistant to the President and Chair of the MBK Task Force, for an MBK Roundtable with youth and community

Today the Administration also announced that Newark will join the President's TechHire initiative which aims to expand access to tech jobs for more Americans with fast track training like coding boot camps and new recruitment and placement strategies. The City of Newark, working with the New Jersey Institute of Technology and employers like Audible and Prudential, will offer training through the Art of Code program in software development with a focus on training and placement for formerly incarcerated people.

Integrity House
Integrity House is a non-profit substance abuse rehabilitation organization that recognizes the importance of prisoner re-entry and takes a comprehensive services approach to re-integration including transitional housing, job training and employment, as well as substance treatment and recovery. Integrity House is the largest treatment facility funded and licensed by the State of New Jersey and provides care and recovery support services to more than 2,400 adult and adolescent addicts each year.

Robin Shorter, Director of the Women's Outpatient Programs and Director of the Women's Half-Way House, accompanied the President during his visit.

While visiting Integrity House, the President met with Daryl Rose, a formerly incarcerated individual who now resides at Integrity House. The President spoke with Daryl as well as with his mother and sister, highlighting the toll incarceration takes on families and the crucial role that loved ones can play in the re-entry and rehabilitation process.

The President also met with Stephanie Luna and Sharon Boatwright - residents and participants in Integrity House programming.

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