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POTUS made an unscheduled nearly 20 minute visit to the South Lawn to talk with about 50 Girl Scouts -- mostly fifth graders -- spending the night on the South Lawn. The First Lady's office billed the event as the first ever White House campout. The threatening stormy weather held out on a beautiful summer night in Washington.

POTUS and FLOTUS entered at 8:29 p.m. as the girls were singing a song around a makeshift "campfire" of electric lanterns.

"What are you guys doing in my yard?" POTUS joked, wearing jeans and an open collared shirt. He made numerous camping jokes. "When did you guys show up?"

POTUS sat next to one Girl Scout on a bale of hay and FLOTUS sat next to another scout on a separate bale of hay.

POTUS said he didn't know any campfire songs -- and would have to learn one.

The Girl Scouts and POTUS got into a discussion about whether they could keep the chairs they were sitting around the "campfire" -- and POTUS said he did not know. "I don't know what you guys are doing here," he joked.

POTUS said the campout message was that young people should be getting outside, going to National Parks and not spending all their time sitting inside watching TV.

After one campfire song, Obama said: "Fantastic. That was outstanding.. You guys sound pretty good." One of the Girl Scouts suggested that they could be on TV. "You could go on America's Got Talent? Maybe" Obama responded. He also asked the scouts after another song if they noticed that FLOTUS was "rocking out."

After the campfire leader suggested that the president was "our sister too," he corrected her to say he was a "brother." Then she suggested that he was "very in touch with your feminine side. That's what makes you so wonderful." That brought a retort from POTUS: "Clearly."

POTUS told the girls he had to get. "I've got to work. I'm not allowed to have fun," he said before getting a group hug from the girl scouts. "You guys better clean up this mess -- when I wake up in the morning," he joked. "I'm teasing. You guys will be still be here." He also joked and asked them if they were going to be "making a racket."

He also joked that the girls needed to "put out the (camp) fire" and then referenced Smokey the Bear.

After he started in, POTUS make a brief trip back out and he and FLOTUS took a quick look in a telescope and departed around 8:50 p.m. to big cheers from the Girl Scouts.

Good luck Girl Scouts. Hope you and the parents get some sleep.

White House declared a full lid at 8:55 p.m.

David Shepardson
Detroit News Washington Bureau

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