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Part 2 of Potus remarks in Oval Office...

"We are also going to have make sure that we think about the risks we are willing to take by being so lax in how we make very powerful firearms available to people in this country. This is something obviously I've talked about for a very long time. My concern is that we start getting into a debate and this has happened in the past which is an either or debate. The suggestion is either we think about something as terrorism and we ignore the problems of easy access to firearms. Or it is all about firearms and we ignore [organizations] like Isil...and the extremist views inside this country. It's not an either-or."

Potus closed his initial remarks by once again expressing his condolences the victims of the attack and their families. He then took two questions about pool. The first was about the nature of the Orlando attack as an LGBT hate crime. Potus replied: "We don't yet know the motivations but here's what we do know is organizations like Isil or organizations like Al Quaeda or those who have perverted Islam and created these radical nihilistic vicious organizations one of the groups that they target is gays and lesbians because they believe that they do not abide towards their attitudes towards sexuality."

"Clearly there are connections between the attitudes of an organization like this an their attitudes towards tolerance and pluralism and the belief that all people are created equally."

"There are connections between this vicious, bankrupt ideology and general attitudes towards gays and lesbians, and unfortunately that's something that the LGBT community is subject to not just by Isil but by a lot of groups..."

The second question from pool was about Potus felt that, as the attack underlined, there had been no successful moves to reform gun control. Potus replied: "I think you know how I feel. The  fact that we make it this challenging for law enforcement for example even to get alerted that somebody who they are watching has purchased a gun and if they do get alerted sometimes it is hard to stop them from getting a gun, is crazy. It's a problem and we have to I think do some soul searching. But again the danger is then it ends up being the usual political bait: . the NRA, the gun control folks say, Oh Obama doesn't want to talk about terrorism.And if you talk about terrorism, then people say, why aren't you aren't looking at issues of gun control."

In the case of members of Isil "How easy is is for them to obtain weapons is in some cases going to make a difference about whether they're able to carry out attacks like this or not. And e make it very easy for individuals who are troubled or disturbed or want to engage in violent attacks to get very powerful weapons very quickly. And that's a problem, that's a problem regardless of the motivations."

Pool was shooed out of room as a question was asked about the reaction to the Orlando tragedy on the campaign trail.


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