Fw: Pool report #4 - Live president remarks on Kansas shooting

From: Mufson, Steven
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2016 2:13 PM
To: Barnes, Desiree N. EOP/WHO
Subject: Pool report #4 - Live president remarks on Kansas shooting

The president spoke from a podium in part of the large hanger like Saft manufacturing plant in Jacksonville with plant employees in a semi-circle of folding chairs. He commented on Kansas and also the recent shooting in Michigan.
"These acts may not dominate the news today but these are two more communities in America torn apart by grief. I thought it was important for me to say something today because otherwise these sorts of shootings become routine."
" We cannot become numb to this."
"This happens far too many times and affected far too many innocent Americans."
"As long as I'm president I'm going to keep on bringing this up... Lord knows I wish I didn't have to make these phone calls and comfort families.... The real tragedy is the degree to which this has become routine."

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