FW: Pool Report #4 signings in Oval

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Subject: Pool Report #4 signings in Oval

Pool report #4

Signing of five executive actions

Pool entered the Oval Office at 11:18. The president was sitting at his desk with Chief of Staff Priebus poised behind him to hand him the documents to sign. Also there were Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer among others standing behind the desk and off to the side. The president was patient as the pool entered, voiced concern that we were bunched up on one side and waited until the pool had spread out more before commencing.

A full transcript will follow. He signed five documents. They dealt with the Keystone pipeline, the Dakota access pipeline, a requirement that pipes be built by U.S. workers, expediting regulations and expediting environmental regulations. He was asked two questions at the conclusion. He did not answer about protesters. He did take the second question on the timing of his Supreme Court choice to fill the vacancy. He said he will make his decision this week and will announce it next week. He promised he will put forth a “truly great” nominee.

Quotes to follow.

George Condon, National Journal

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