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A bonus report from your in-town pooler: Those who attended or watched today's White House briefing probably noticed a disc-shaped object positioned beside the first few rows on the left side of the Briefing Room (as if looking at the podium). It was a 360-degree camera, which also was set up on the South Lawn for Obama's departure. Its operator was escorted out by a White House press aide and a Secret Service agent to set it up shortly after Marine One landed. It was approximately 25 yards to the left, just off the chopper's tail. The agent glanced at his watch and the Oval several times before speaking with the photographer, apparently encouraging him to speed up the affixing the sandbags/bagged weights that kept it from tipping over when the helicopter took off.

The Secret Service agent stood vigilant, but professionally allowed the photographer to ensure the device was weighted down and operational. Several of your pooler's colleagues reported POTUS appeared to wave in its direction as he headed for Marine One. Your pooler is told by an aide that the 360-camera was being used today for a video that will be shown during the White House Correspondents Association's Annual Dinner on Saturday, April 30.


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