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President Obama used much of his remarks at the Capitol luncheon to "reject" the violent scenes recently at Donald Trump's political rallies. (Note: He did not call out Trump by name.) Obama warned "this is about the American brand," noting being open to those who are different has long been a defining U.S. value. "Why would we want to tarnish that?@ he asked.

Obama criticized protesters who have disrupted Trump rallies and those who have responded with violence, saying both damage the country's politics and its perception abroad. He said the issue is largely about American children, saying "we should not have to explain to them this darker side" of U.S. politics.

The room went from hushed to nearly silent as Obama turned to Speaker Ryan, noting they disagree on most policy issues. "But I don't have a bad thing to say about you as a man," Obama said as Ryan nodded back. "I know you want what's best for America," the president added. He noted the American political system soon will be in the hands of those who now are children. "We want them to elevate," Obama said.

Obama toasted the two countries and the lawmakers, officials and others around the nearly dozen round tables stood and applauded. It was unclear, however, whether the transatlantic standing ovation was for the toast or Obama's remarks.

More to come on Obama's remarks, including some lighter moments.

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