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The president also spoke in an open press event at the Saft battery plant in Jacksonville, Florida.

Earlier he toured parts of the plant. Dressed in a tie but without his suit jacket, he along with three Saft staffers watched a yellow-armed robot load battery components onto a tray which then slid over and onto a passing robotic cart labelled Wall-E that took the tray out a door that opened automatically when the cart approached. POTUS also looked at some of the container-size battery systems used by utilities to stabilize electric power grids.

At the open press event in remarks to Saft employees, the president said that a decade ago this site had been swamp land. POTUS came here because the recovery act of 2009 provided $95.5 million to Saft America, a subsidiary of the French firm Saft, to build a lithium ion battery facility. POTUS said the stimulus was key to reviving the flagging economy.

"We turned recession into recovery faster" than other countries, he said. "We took an empty swamp and turned it into an engine of innovation."

"I came here to Saft to show what it means to invest in the future."
POTUS also took aim at Republican candidates for president. "On the campaign trail all these people are talking down America. I don't know when it became fashionable to do that."

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