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Travel Pool #5
March 10, 2015

Georgia Tech Speech Introducer and Crowd Count


The White House provided the following information about Tiffany Davis, the Georgia Tech student who will introduce President Obama when he begins speaking here.

" Student, Georgia Tech (Letter Writer)
Tiffany Davis is a third year Aerospace Engineering student from Maryland.  Tiffany wrote to the President about a topic that concerned her greatly – college affordability. The President replied to Tiffany’s letter and relayed how he and the First Lady also had a difficult time paying for college and expressed his shared concern over today’s students’ ability to afford college. The President wrote: “I am working to make college more affordable—so every American, including future rocket scientists like you, can achieve their dreams, without worrying about their loans.”

The crowd count is 9529 according to Fire Marshall Larry Labbe of Georgia Tech.

Dave Cook
CS Monitor

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