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POTUS left the air force base around 2:25 pm CST and his 18-car motorcade descended on a quite bedroom community of Papillion, a suburb of Omaha at about 2:40 pm CST (3:40 pm EST). The president was here to talk to  Lisa Martin and her husband, Jeff, in their living room in their house at 1102 Sherman St. Lisa had written to the President as a new mother in January 2015 about her thoughts, worries and hopes for the future in which her son Cooper will grow up. The White House said POTUS wanted to "directly engage folks across the country throughout the next year to talk about the struggles and successes of everyday Americans – and the remarkable potential that our country’s future holds."

The President and the Martins will be joined in the discussion by family and friends, including:

·         Ora Hutchinson
·         Rebecca Hutchinson
·         Vern Davis-Showel
·         Doug Showell
·         Davis Showell

On arrival, the president chatted with the next door neighbors and waved to a small cluster of people down the street, calling out “happy new year.”  One of the people held up an Obama-Biden reelection sign from 2012. POTUS then went inside the Martins’ home. The small living room was decorated with a sign that read: "Bless this house with love and laughter.”  The son of the Martins looked a little bewildered and pointed at some of the microphones belonging to the press and the cluster of reporters jammed inside the house. “Look at these things,” Obama said to the infant. “Crazy.” He gave the child a bit of advice: “If you can’t say anything that they might quote you on,…”

here is the text of the letter Lisa Martin sent to POTUS a year ago and released today by the White House.

Dear Mr. President,

Every night while I wake up to feed my newborn child, Cooper, I catch up on news and read current events. This morning at four A.M., I found myself feeling very distraught. I started reading countless articles about the environment and how your administration is currently trying to conserve the Alaskan wilderness. While I am so thankful policies are being made for Alaska, I still have this sinking feeling of dread and sadness. Will my son be able to thrive on this planet? Will he be able to experience the small things, such as winter in Nebraska, where he has snowdays and sledding? Where he comes home to me cooking homemade hot cocoa for him, like I did? Sadly, I think the answer is no. I found myself coming to tears at this realization with his small body in my lap because I am the type of person that wants to make change happen, to control things and fix them immediately.

I began to think about how helpless our children are to all these issues and how much responsibility rests on our shoulders. I provide for my child every day through food, and shelter, but I am unable to guarantee he will have a real future on our planet. I am powerless to put any real change into action. I realized I am just a high school English teacher emailing the president at four in the morning.

I am sure this email will never reach you, but in this moment, I decided reaching out to the one man that can do something would make me feel some sort of solace. Listening to my son breathing next to me gave me a feeling of urgency.

So, what do I want? I guess I just want to know my son will not have to go to the zoo to see polar bears. I want him to know, like we know today, that they exist out there in the wild. I want him to breathe in the air and not be afraid of pollution. I want him to lay under the trees and for him to feel peace in the simplicity of that moment of breathing in the beauty and grandeur of nature. I want him to one day dream of his own children and for him to know that our generation protected his future through protecting the world we live in.

As I stated above, I am just a high school English teacher who has now become a mother so thank you for reading my early morning fears. I could write for hours about my feelings of dread, but hopefully this small excerpt of my fears will influence some of your thoughts and bring some type of larger change to Cooper's world.

Lisa Martin

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