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Travel photo lid. As promised, more details.

Your pooler is out of his depth when it comes to Tribal Nations Conference issues, but from his blinkered DC-centric perspective he heard a few nuggets worth highlighting for his fellows:

In addition to the opening remarks nod to sports teams not promoting stereotypes, POTUS called out The Washington NFL Team (though not by name) as part of an answer to one of the panelists who asked about rooting out stereotypes in schools.

Pres. Obama gave Adidas a shout-out for an initiative meant to convince schools to jettison mascots that evoke stereotypes.

Adidas has adopted a ”smart, creative approach which is to say, all right, if we can’t get states to pass laws to prohibit these mascots, then how can we incentivize schools to get rid of them. And so what Adidas has done is it’s said to the 2,000-plus schools that still have Native American, Alaska Native mascots, it’s said ‘you know what, we will work with you to redesign your entire sports brand.’ I don’t know if Adidas made the same offer to a certain NFL team, here in Washington. But they might want to think about that as well.” (The audience cheered after “Washington” and “as well.”)

- Asked about how Native youth can integrate without losing their culture, POTUS had a riff about Michelle Obama’s experiences coming home from college to a working class neighborhood.

“A lot of her friends didn’t go to college, and sometimes when she came back from college, people would be like ‘aw you, you are all that aren’t you?’”

“She’s like ‘no, I’m just, I’m going to college. That doesn’t make me less black. I’m a black woman who went to college.’”

- How would POTUS ensure that the next POTUS continues with the federal engagement.

“Well, I’ve gotta admit, I’m biased here, I’m really trying to make sure it’s a Democrat.” Crowd laughed and cheered.

Then he gave a shout-out to Republican members of Congress he said to a good job of engaging the Native community, citing Representative Tom Cole specifically. (That got applause).

“I don’t want to sound too partisan.”

- We got (sigh) several references to the poor salmon whose genetic line POTUS may have doomed during his official trip to Alaska by inducing the noble fish to, ahem, spawn on his shoes. The “best” one was at the top.

“I had a salmon spawn all over my shoes which, I was told the salmon was happy to see me.”

On the way out, Pres Obama shook hands, posed for a couple of selfies, and told a young man “you’re rockin’ that ‘fro.” The young man in question, who gave his name as Anthony and his age as 16 seemed pleased with the compliment when asked about it. He told your pooler that he met FLOTUS at an event that your pooler would be able to name if your pooler had not gotten the hook at that very moment.

Have a lovely evening!

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