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POTUS used his speech to the VFW to plug for his Iran nuclear deal, saying that sending troops into battle isn’t always the smartest approach and firing a shot at those who had done that in past.

“I’m hearing echoes of some of the same policies and mindset that failed us in the past,” POTUS said, “some of the same folks who were so quick to go to war in Iraq….[who] said it would only take a few months.”

He said: "“rushing into war without thinking through the consequences ..getting drawn into unnecessary conflicts and spreading our military too thin played into the hands of our adversaries.” He asked, "who paid the price? Our men and women in uniform.”

Asserting that the Iran nuclear deal would effectively prevent Iran from acquiring a weapon and protect the flexibility of a future American president, he said that "real leadership also means using our policy wisely”

He also said “we’re stronger when we stnd with allies and partners”
“it’s a force multiplier”

He asserted again that the United States would prevail in its fight against ISIL: "“we will degrade and ultimately destroy this barbaric coalition.”

In one of his most if not the most extended remarks about the shootings at Chattanooga, POTUS said that "we honor our 5 service members killed so senselessly in Chattanooga.” He read out their names one by one, recounting some highlights of their personal lives and service overseas.
“Our nation endures because people like you put on the uniform and help keep this nation free….values now protected by a new generation. .. like those who gave their lives in Chattanooga… god bless these american heroes."

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