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Pool was escorted into the East Room at 4:57 pm.for the president's remarks at the reception for Women's History Month. Your pooler spotted Nancy Pelosi mingling with the bustling crowd of what your pooler guesses to be around 250ish people who where all chatting happily while waiting for POTUS to arrive.

Sana Amanat, comic book creator and editor, kicked off the program with a few remarks about diversity and introduced Obama.

POTUS took the podium at 5:23 pm to cheers and applause and began his remarks. Some quotes... Please cross reference with transcript:

"I know I was the second choice, you don't have to confirm, I know, but Michelle has been at sxsw to talk about her let girls learn initiative... I cannot be more proud of her work and I will do my best to fill in."

Obama talked some successful legislation that he signed into law such as the Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act, the affordable care act that covers contraception and his administration's fight against campus sexual assault.

"What is happening here at home is a reflection that the world is making progress. A century ago most women were denied suffrage. Today women in almost every country have the right to vote. Since 1990 mortality rates have fallen by 44%, women are living longer lives, we've cut extreme poverty in half, more women are going to school... Entering the workforce, contributing to their economies and shaping the course of their nation."

"We still need to fight for economical equality or equal opportunity for entrepreneurs or equal pay for women. We still need to make sure that paid family leave is not the exception around the country but is the rule. So that women across the country don't lose their jobs for minor things like giving birth."

"That's why we celebrate women's historic month, not to get complacent but to take a moment each year to celebrate the achievements that women have fought so hard to achieve and re-dedicate ourselves to tackling the challenges that remain"

Obama also addressed Internet violence and cyber bullying that women face.

"The Internet is a public space where women have every right to exist freely and safely without fear. Obviously this is not unique to the Internet. Women have been up against this type of nonsense since the beginning of time."

"[Speaking out is] not just a role women, but men speaking up and demanding better of themselves, their peers, their sons... Their coworkers..."

"This spring we will be hosting the first ever White House summit of the United States of Women. It will be a chance to grow on the progress to advance women's equality and address the challenges that still remain. And I'm incredibly optimistic about what we can achieve at the summit and beyond and I draw optimism from the fact that we've already achieved so much."

POTUS wrapped up his comments at 5:38pm and started mingling with the crowd a bit, shaking hands and talking with people in the front row. POTUS left the East Room at 5:42pm and pool was escorted out.

A travel /photo lid was called at 5:51pm.

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