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The pool was escorted out of the luncheon room at 12:35 p.m., and is holding in Statuary Hall. There were several lighter moments at the top of the luncheon:

* President Obama noted among the things on which he and Speaker Ryan disagree is the NFC North. Ryan said "Packers" loudly after the quip, referring to his beloved Green Bay Packers. Chicago's Obama is a noted Bears fan.

* Ryan told several humorous-sounding tales as the pool entered to much laughter. Your pooler was being moved into position and did not catch them. But he did note the long Irish tradition of grand storytelling.

* Obama dropped a version of his annual line: "I am Irish." Your pooler has yet to see a tweet from the White House's or president's accounts using the once-a-year Irish spelling the White House has jokingly used before, "O'bama."

* Obama referred to an Irish folks song about his last name and a possible Irish connection, and quipped that one telling lyric it did not make it to his birth certificate.

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