Fw: Pool report #6 -- POTUS back at the WH

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Marine One touched down on the South Lawn at 6:50pm. POTUS hopped out
and, before heading into the residence, he came by the press area and
hugged a woman who he seemed very happy to see. She told your pooler
afterward that she is Terry Bonoff, the mom of Joe Paulsen, who works
in the WH advance office.

POTUS also hugged a woman with Terry (whose name was either Elizabeth
or Melissa Tegan; I can investigate if someone must know) and her
six-year old son, Wyatt.

Joel was among those who arrived on Marine One with POTUS, along with
Jen Friedman, Marvin Nicholson and Colin Kahl.

We have a travel photo lid.

(Thanks to Caroline Kaster for nabbing some of those names).

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