Fw: Pool report 6 - Return to Sunnylands

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Subject: Pool report 6 - Return to Sunnylands

After roughly two hours 15 minutes back at POTUS’ temporary residence, at 15:02 PST the motorcade left to return to Sunnylands.

The seven minute drive along Frank Sinatra Drive was uneventful, except pretty lengthy queues of cars and the odd pedestrian braving the desert sun to take a snap of the SUVs. The president remained illusive.

First up on the agenda is arrivals, POTUS will greet representatives of the ten countries, plus Le Luong Minh, the ASEAN Secretary General.

That will be followed by a pool spray at the top of the first meeting — including, we expect, remarks from POTUS.

Later in the evening there will be a working dinner.

Stay tuned.

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