FW: POOL Report #7 -- First Song at State Dinner for PM of Singapore & LID

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Subject: POOL Report #7 -- First Song at State Dinner for PM of Singapore & LID

POOL was ushered into the State Dining Room at 10:17 PM  for the "first song" (entertainment portion of the program) following the meal for Singapore PM Lee and his wife.  Pool was ushered out of the room at 10:21 PM.

President Obama was seated in the front row, with the first lady to his left, and to her left was VP Biden. The Obamas rocked their heads to the song, "Be OK."

Featured entertainer was singer Chrisette Michelle, singing her own music, accompanied by two backup singers, 2 guitarists, 2 musicians on keyboards, and a drummer.

The president's guests were lined up in tight tight rows of chairs, packed into the State Dining Room.

The POOLers initially were lined up for quite some time along the stairway leading from the ground floor before the entertainment began, offering a view of guests going up and down to the restrooms after dinner.  Secretary Kerry, coming down the stairs at 10:07 and seeing journalists, remarked with good humor that perhaps he'd chosen the wrong staircase.  He appeared to take a right turn to the WH exit.

The WH called a lid at 10:37 PM.

Happy Tuesday evening to all....

Alexis Simendinger
White House Correspondent

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