Fw: Pool Report #7 - seating arrangement

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As provided by the White House, here's the seating arrangement of guests in the first lady's box in order from left to right:

Row A (lowest row)
Cindy Dias, Gov. Malloy, FLOTUS, Naveed Shah, Dr. Biden, Edith Childs, Braeden Mannering, Lydia Doza, Dr. Rafaai Hamo

Row B
Oscar Vazquez, Chief O'Toole, Ryan Reyes, Satya Nadella, Jennifer Bragdon, Spencer Stone, Jim Obergefell, Earl Smith

Row C
Cory Dixon, Cedric Rowland, Sue Ellen Allen, Mayor Luttrell, Valerie Jarrett, Gloria Balenski, Lisa Jester

Row D (highest row)
Renna Rice, Mark Davis

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