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President Obama stood in the shade in front of the Sunnylands visitors center to welcome each of the ten ASEAN leaders, and the Secretary General of ASEAN,  Le Luong Minh, who arrived first.

Each leader exited their motorcade and walked down a red carpet, passing a large circular bed of agave and barrel cactus and three marines holding the flags of the United States, ASEAN and which ever country he (all he) represents.

POTUS walked out of the building toward each of the leaders and welcomed each with some variation on  "good to see you, so glad you could make it” as they stood in front of a
white backdrop that had the title of the summit, the US flag, the ASEAN rice stalks emblem and the Sunnylands Mayan-style logo.

All countries were represented by their leader, except Myanmar, who sent Vice President Nyan Tun.

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung turned up, reversing an earlier decision not to come.

Some remarks were audible as POTUS guided each of the leaders, in turn, into the center.

POTUS asked the Prime Minister of Malaysia Mohd Najib Razak about his wife, he responded that “she's in LA.”

Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said he had "spent the last four days in San Francisco."

Obama greeted Indonesian President Jokowi Widodo with a few words in Bahasa Indonesia, which Widodo responded to. POTUS then asked "how is your family?'

He also asked the Sultan of Brunei about family, saying "how's it going? how's your wife?” before turning to the retinue of ministers that each leader brought, saying "let me say hi to your delegation."

The pool then moved into position for Obama’s remarks at the beginning of the first summit meeting.

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