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During a briefing of the Cancer Moonshot Task Force in the Oval Office Monday, POTUS remarked that VP Biden and Dr. Jill Biden had helped "mobilize researchers, scientists, doctors, hospitals, tech companies as well as philanthropies and patient advocacy organizations" to find a cure for cancer.

"I could not be prouder of the work Joe, Jill and this team have done, "POTUS said. "I'm looking forward to not only laying the groundwork for the next administration to pick up the baton and run with it, but I know Joe and Jill and I and Michelle will all continue to be involved after we've left this office in making sure that this works."

During their short remarks, VP Biden said that he was going to hand out the report. POTUS corrected him to say it was the "executive summary" as the actual report was "much fatter."

"I'm looking forward to all of you reading it," POTUS said smiling.

VP Biden thanked POTUS for trusting him to lead the program and remarked that the country had come a long way since 1971 when Nixon declared war on cancer.

VP Biden said that even since his son Beau was diagnosed with cancer, medical technologies and treatment plans had progressed rapidly.

He also applauded efforts of drug companies to work together on finding a cure more collectively.

"The fundamental thing I've come away with is there is a need for a greater sense of urgency because there are available answers now to some cancers and there is enormous opportunity in sharing data," VP Biden said. "There is real excitement."

VP Biden added that he was optimistic that new technology to stop cancer in its tracks was just around the corner.

"I am confident we are gonna find new prevention technology," VP Biden said. "I look forward to the day when your grandchildren and my grandchildren and their children show up at the office to get their physical to start school and they get a shot for measles. They get a vaccine that affects significant [types] of cancers. We are very close to reaching that point."

Biden pledged "I'm gonna devote the rest of my life to working on this, and I think we're perilously close to making some gigantic progress."

"This is a common enemy," POTUS added after VP Biden was finished speakingB.

As POTUS and VP Biden concluded remarks, POTUS did not take questions including one about Trump claiming the election "was rigged."

"We're talking about cancer today," POTUS said.


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