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POTUS made a stop in downtown Baton Rouge at Poor Boy Lloyds
201 Florida Street
Baton Rouge, LA

He went inside and ordered three oyster poor boys to go. The woman at the restaurant asked if he wanted anything to drink with that.  The president took some cash from his pocket and said he wondered whether his credit card still worked.

He turned to the people sitting in the restaurant stopping at a table with an African American boy and his mother. He told Obama he was in third grade. “You working hard?” Obama asked. “Don’t be ;just playing video games.”

At the next table two women were sitting and when Obama asked how they were doing, one said she had brain cancer and that the other woman, whose hand she clasped on the table, was her nurse. Obama asked whether she had health insurance and the woman said yes. Obama said “you’re in our thoughts and prayers.”

At another table a middle aged man said he worked with a business association. Your pooler had trouble hearing but believe it was a trade association for self-insured companies.

Poor Boy Lloyd’s has been there since the early 60s according to a gentleman who said he’d been there since the early 80s;

The restaurant interior was casual, low hung ceiling, LSU stuff on the walls, some hanging from lattice work around two sides, fruited table clothes.

Afterwards the president greeted a small group outside. Though the stop wasn’t known to the pool, there were large crowds along the streets on the way to the restaurant.

At approximately 12:45 the motorcade was on way to airport. POTUS had spent about 15 minutes or so inside

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