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Here is the final pool report, second half of the vice president’s remarks to U.S. troops at the Joint Training Center in Jordan.

“I was raised in a town called Scranton, Pennsylvania, we were in a little steel town in Delaware because there was no work in those days. By the way, this guy is from Scranton, too, although he does not speak like Scranton. (Inaudible). There used to be in Delaware an expression, they’d say someone is not a patch on your jeans. There is no other military in the world, Russia, China, nobody that’s a patch on your tail. Nobody. Nobody. And the thing that’s remarkable about the United States military is not only the example of your power, but the power of your example, the values that you take into battle, the values you instill in those folks you are training.

So I want to tell you I couldn’t be more proud and I speak not just for the president, I speak for the American people when I say that not only are you the finest warriors the world as ever produced, the most decent group of people in the world. What you do? You ask for nothing, you ask for nothing.

I got criticized, which is _ I deserve a lot of criticism _ but I got criticized about 10 years ago when I said in a speech that America has a lot of, the government has a lot of obligations but there is only one truly sacred obligation we have, truly sacred obligation. That is to equip and train those we send into harm’s way with the best in the world  that is available. Look out for the families when they are deployed. And when they come home, keep every commitment that was made. There’s over 300,000 of our warriors since 9-11 who came home with unseen wounds, over 300,000. And you know when ISIS is defeated, when everybody is basically home, when all the parades are over, all the streets are renamed, the United States of America will have an obligation remaining for an entire generation. In my generation, Vietnam, 70 percent of the people with the same wounds acquired in the two wars we’d been engaged in died, but because of the golden hour, because of the great advances in medicine, there’s an awful lot of folks, those 53,000, who are home, they are going to need care the rest of their lives. And what I don’t want to see happen is five years from now, 1o years from now, 15 years, because the average life expectancy of anyone coming home war-wounded is 39 years. A lot are going to need help the entire time.”

So when you take that uniform off, when you are home, I hope you are going to part of the fight to make sure we never forget, we never forget the obligation we have. As I said, I am proud, proud, proud to be with you. I think you are, you are just amazing. As I said, the world, not just the United States, is a safer place and better off because you exist, because of what you do.”

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