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POTUS remarks at first fundraiser - home of Loida Lewis.

First, the color: Amazing art on the walls. Pool is thinking at least
one was a Picasso.

In attendance: Wendell Pierce, of The Wire. Adam "Pacman" Jones of the
Cincinnati Bengals.

POTUS thanked his hosts, Leslie Lewis and mother, Loida Lewis, whose
home we were in.

Remarks lasted about 5 minutes - roughly 6:20-6:25. Made his basic
pitch about how far we've come, how far we need to go.

We have made enormous strides in the last 6 1/2 years - repairing the
economy, job growth, the "stock market is booming."

But we are all aware that there are still folks left behind from the
recovery. Discussed the My Broker's Keeper Alliance. "If we're going
to be successful over the long haul... we can't leave communities

POTUS expressed hope that agreement can be reached on trade and infrastructure.

"We're going to have fight for priorities like immigration reform." We
also need "strong candidates."

Linda Feldmann

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