FW: Pool report No. 7, Feb. 4, 2015 -- Oval

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POTUS said almost nothing and managed to avoid making news during a rushed pool spray with Colombian President Santos.

By the time pool made it in the Oval Office door behind a phalanx of Colombian and US media, press staff were politely but insistently sending us out. “Alright, thank you pool. We’ll have remarks at the reception,” aides said.

POTUS already had in mind how things were going to go. “Probably don’t need the mikes because we’re going to be making a statement later,” Obama said with a smile.

WH had urged visiting press not to take any selfies in the Oval. The entire press appeared on good behavior, though there was some jostling as a big group tried to scrunch its way through the door facing the Rose Garden.

VP Joe Biden stood coolly in the back by a window. Another pooler spotted Susan Rice and Tony Blinken.

On the Colombian side, the ministers of foreign affairs and interior were present.

Pool didn’t even get a gander at the president, though U.S.-educated and English-speaking President Santos smiled. Apparently the two leaders shook hands.

- Geoff Earle, NY Post


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