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The first family served a traditional Thanksgiving meal to homeless vets at Friendship Place in the basement of St. Luke’s church in NW.

Friendship Place has services for homeless vets, and is located in basement of 1950s brick building.

It’s in an upscale upper NW neighborhood just past the Naval Observatory, not far from Hillary Clinton’s place, just off Wisco.

The first family was lined up behind a long table giving out the traditional thanksgiving fare.

Marian Robinson ladled out the Mac & Cheese. Sasha was charged with stuffing and cranberry sauce. FLOTUS, unsurprisingly, handled veggies.

Malia stood between her mom and dad and gave out fluffy mashed potatoes.

POTUS, just off pardoning Abe and Honest, used his presidential prerogative to serve the turkey and top it off with gravy for hungry visitors. He wore a black shirt and brown pants.

The whole family wore rubber globes while they served the food. Recipients were nicely dressed in casual clothing.

Despite the all American subject matter, pool only had a very quick moment inside to try to hear a bit of dialogue and get a sense of the place.

Pool didn’t hear anything particularly funny or exceptional.

“Thank you, sir,” said Obama to one man.  “We appreciate you,” he said. “How you been?” he asked another man.

Another pooler caught him asking someone, “white meat or dark,” as he handed out the turkey.

Pool is holding in van.  It was a long motorcade, lengthwise, to accommodate friends as well as family, though we don’t know who the friends are.

Geoff Earle

NY Post


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