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Here is a flavor of the President’s remarks at the top of the first meeting of the ASEAN summit at Sunnylands.  A fuller account of those remarks and the arrivals to follow.

POTUS described the meeting as a "landmark gathering” that signified "strong and enduring partnership” between US and ASEAN and between US and each of the ten countries.

He said that ASEAN countries had always always shown him extrodinary hospitality, in keeping with that he didn’t invite them to the White House.

“It is cold there, it is snowing, so welcome to beautiful warm Sunnylands."

He said that few regions present more opportunity and that ASEAN was "central to the region's peace and prosperity."

He referenced increased security cooperation to "meet shared challenges” and he talked about improving mutual capabilities to “protect lawful commerce and respond to humanitarian crisis."

He stressed the need to follow international rules and norms and to resolve disputes through “peaceful, legal means."

After citing the elections in Myanmar, he called on leaders to answer the aspirations of young people and in that context he mentioned human rights.

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