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Mr. Obama gave a 3-minute and 20-second speech thanking Mr. Modi for his commitment to clean energy and emphasizing the growing closeness of the two countries.

"Much of our discussion today focused on the upcoming climate conference in Paris," Mr. Obama said, adding:  "We agree that this is a critical issue for the world, and all of us have responsibilities. We are encouraged by the aggressive nature of President (sic) Modi's commitment to clean energy."

"What I said is that I really believe that India's leadership at this conference will set the tone not just for today but for decades to come."

"We also had a chance to talk about trade and investment," Mr. Obama said, adding that Mr. Modi is hoping that Indian Americans can contribute to India's growth.
Mr. Obama compliment Mr. Modi for abiding by democratic ideals that he "not only pays lip service to but acts on."

"So we very much appreciate his friendship and his partnership," Mr. Obama said in closing.

While Mr. Obama spoke without notes, Mr. Modi -- whose English is somewhat stilted -- followed with his own remarks that he read from a paper in front of him.

Mr. Modi said that the partnership with the U.S. was important to the world and that the two could apply innovation and  technology to combating the sustainable development goals, "Including combating climate change and conserving nature."

"The president and I share an uncompromising commitment on climate change without affecting our ability to meet the development aspirations of humanity."

Mr. Modi mentioned his goal to build 175 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2022 but to transition to a "development strategy to enable us to transition to a more sustainable energy mix."

Mr. Modi thanked Mr. Obama for his positive response to a public and private partnership to help build more renewable energy sources.

Mr. Modi also thanked Mr. Obama for an increasingly close defense cooperation between the two nations as well as for a successful cyber security dialogue.  

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