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Under a creamy layer of cirrus clouds, POTUS emerged alone from the
South Portico and walked about 50 meters on the South Lawn to Marine
One for the trip to Austin, Tex. POTUS was wearing a dark blue suit
and shirt.
Soon after, he was followed by passel of aides, including Anita Decker
Breckinridge, Joe Paulsen, David Simas and Josh Earnest.
The Magnolia Tulip trees on both sides of the South Portico almost
audibly burst their wintry stasis, creating a riot of celebratory pink
buds after yesterday's visit by the hunky Canadian prime minister. A
week of gloriously warm weather may also have played a role.
They left at 10:43.
Nearly 100 people in addition to the usual score of media
professionals lined the road to watch the departure.
Little known fact: Your pooler was an initial investor in the iconic
Austin-based ice cream chain, Amy's Original Ice Cream. Money is not
the reason your pooler brings this bit of trivia to your attention,
dear pool reader. Rather, the salient point is the investment's
connection to the kind of cool associated with South by Southwest, the
conclave POTUS will address. It's an effect that White House wrangler
Brian Gabriel managed today with a simple pair of Ray Bans, brown
cap-toed shoes and nicely trimmed goatee.

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