FW: Potus pool 2 -- scenes from the Maron neighborhood

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The motorcade slowed to a crawl in the narrow streets of the Highland Park neighborhood, not far from Occidental College where POTUS attended school.

Neighbors filled the sidewalks around the Maron garage and the block took on a carnival atmosphere, complete with an actual clown wearing makeup and juggling.

Neighbors say they learned of the potus visit on Wednesday when the "no parking -- tow away zone" signs went up on the trees and poles. One group of women said they had never heard of the Maron "WTF" podcast that happens in their neighborhood before then.

"I've heard the initials," said Yolanda Lem, a poll inspector who lives nearby.

Her neighbor, Trish Escobedo, said she would go straight home and try to find the podcast website.

"That's the first thing I'm going to do," Escobedo said. "I really want to know what he has to say in that particular interview. "

The pool is holding on the sidewalk and the vans for the hour-long stretch.

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