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The DCCC party was in the Steyer home overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, a view that is the most opulent thing about the house. In a spare solarium decorated with drift wood, guests mingled while steering around a giant, fluffy chow mix of a dog.

Leader Pelosi breezed into the room in a blue suit and gold heels, and walked straight to the pool to say hello. Obama entered a moment later and shouted from a few yards away at the reporters gathered around her.

“Is she doing a press conference?” he asked, laughing.

Pelosi stepped up on a small makeshift stage, grabbed a microphone and immediately went to praising Obama for the economic recovery.

Many months “of positive job growth,” she said, to loud cheers and applause. “Seventeen million Americans previously underinsured . . . now insured.”

She thanked him for emission standards and other things he has done by seizing his “executive opportunities.”

“These are remarkable changes the president has done by executive action,” she said.

She also mentioned the agreement Obama worked out with the Chinese president on climate change. “Thank you, Mr. President, for this,” she said.

Steyer spoke next, praising Obama’s deal with China and other efforts to fight climate change.

“He has done it his own way,” Steyer said, “under the most difficult political circumstances I’ve ever witnessed.” Maybe they’re the most difficult circumstances since the 1860s, he mused.

Obama gave Steyer the guy-hug and then spoke, leading by . . . praising Pelosi.  He couldn’t have achieved anything in Congress without one important partner in the House, he said.

“Nancy Pelosi has been that partner,” he said.

Obama turned the conversation to the mass murder in Charleston and recalled the remarks the family members of victims made to the suspect today. They somehow managed “to find the strength to say ‘we forgive you,’” he said, his sentence trailing off.

“This stuff happens way too often,” he said. “We’ve got to change that. It’s not enough for us to express sympathy. We have to take action.”

The rest was boilerplate, reviewing achievements and going over the to-do list, but with a special emphasis on climate, Steyer’s priority.

And it ended with a pitch for the Democratic congressional committee.

“It’s not like I agree with my Democratic caucus on everything,” he said, pausing for laughter and then turning to grin at Pelosi. She smiled and turned a little red.

“But on 98 percent of things, they’re moving in the right direction,” he said.

As the event was wrapping up, there was a small disturbance in the back of the room where an older gentleman standing near the pool began to wobble a bit. Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz quickly mobilized to get him some water. Press lead Taylor McPhail grabbed a chair (offered by a considerate pooler) and slid it under the fellow. He was sipping the water and seemed fine when the pool left a few  minutes later.

We are now en route to the RON.

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