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The golf game concluded, the motorcade moved at 2:30 pm local time. A few neighbors stood in their front yards in the afternoon heat to watch the motorcade go by. Some of the guys at the Rancho Super car wash paused their washing to video the spectacle. The motorcade passed a patchy brown golf course before making the turn from Frank Sinatra Drive onto Dinah Shore Drive and heading for the Palm Springs International airport (located on Kirk Douglas Way). In the final stretch, one white-haired man stuck in the traffic blockade stepped out of his car and extended both middle fingers for the passing entourage. Most of the other stalled motorists simply held up their hand-held devices. Potus was up the stairs and in the plane before the pool got to the wing, according to staffers who saw him board. At 3 pm local time, we are closing up for the flight back to Andrews.

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