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Subject: POTUS print pool 3 -- ISIL summit

Obama called the “Countering ISIL & Violence Extremism” meeting to order in a large hall filled with delegates of coalition countries. Secretary Ban sat to his right. John Kerry, Susan Rice and other US advisors sat in a row behind him.

This meeting is open press, but here are a few highlights:

Obama thanked leaders for “answering this call,” noting that 100 nations, more than 20 multilateral institutions and partners from the private sector were present.

What we have here is “the emergence of a global movement,” he said.

We are harnessing all of our tools – military, intelligence, economic, and the strength of our communities, he said.

“Our approach will take time. This is not an easy task,” he said. We have ISIL taking root in areas that already are suffering from failed governance in some cases … In some cases civil war or sectarian strife. And as a consequence of the vacuum that exists in many of these areas, ISIL has been able to dig in. They’ve shown themselves to be resilient and they are very effective through social media …

There are going to be success and there are going to be setbacks, Obama said. This is a longterm campaign.

Obama gave an overview of territory held by ISIL, its financing and strategies.

Our military and intelligence efforts are not going to succeded alone, he said. They have to be matched by political efforts.

Syria needs, “I believe,” a new leader, Obama said. This will be a complex process and the US is willing to work with all countries, including Russia and Iran, to find a way to achieve it.

ISIL will not be defeated by guns, Obama said, but by better ideas.

Violent extremism is not unique to one faith, he said, warning against profiling. But in all of our countries we have to continue to build partnerships with Muslim communities so they can help protect their loved ones from becoming radicalized, the president said.

This is not going to be turned around overnight, he said, because it’s not just a military campaign we’re involved in.

The meeting is ongoing at 11:05 a.m.

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