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> After the panel, POTUS walked outside to visit a display "village," five little mini-kiosks each featuring different vendors who do work with Power Africa. At D.Light's hut, Obama saw solar alternatives to kerosene lamps. About 10 million students are using these lamps to study at night, the D.Light Vendor told him. Obama asked him how he distributes it, and that's when he introduced the woman from "Solar Sister," who told Obama she uses the Avon model. Women can start a business with $20. He shook hands with them and called for Pete to take their picture.
> The lady at M-KOPA showed him the solar panels on her hut roof. She showed him how they work. "Forty cents a day," he said, marveling at the cost. She showed him her cell phone card payment system, prompting him to joke, "I'm not going to give you my credit card number. "
> Obama turned to the pool to explain what the vendor had been saying softly: these panels allow people to power their home "out in the village," pay for it via call phone for forty cents a day, the same you'd pay for kerosene, and then own the panels after a year. They last six to eight years.
> He also mentioned recent questions about how effective Power Africa has been at supplying power, as the stats are not impressive. He noted that, if you start a power plant in the U.S., it doesn't happen in just a year. Soon, this will be helping millions, he said. "It's really promising."
> At the next hit, he eyes a steel pot and asked the vendor if it contained biofuel. "Either that or you're making moonshine," he joked.
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