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There were hundreds lined up along the motorcade drive to Memorial park, but the crowds were not massive by past Obama standards and the people are being kept far back from the route. The security presence also seems more intense at and on the way to every event here. No cell phones or laptops are allowed into the first State House event.

Memorial Park is dedicated to the victims of the 1998 bombing of the US embassy here. The names of victims are carved into a brick wall in an open courtyard. There were chairs set out for twenty people, including survivors of the attack. As the pool waited for POTUS, a nearby crowd could be heard shouting from a distance; it sounded like cheering but they were so far back it was hard to make out any words. The survivors emerged from a covered walkway and filled the chairs, and then Susan Rice came and sat among them.

President Obama stepped out from the walkway with a man on either side, then walked alone to pick up a wreath of white lilies and blue and red ribbon. He laid it on  tripod in front of the memorial, then stepped back and bowed his head for a moment. When he looked up, he sighed deeply and studied the names on the wall. He turned somberly to the walkway and left alone.

As the pool left, we could see that the crowd was quite large and exuberant.

Now to the State House.

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