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From: "Diaz, Kevin B"
Date: January 20, 2017 at 1:03:06 PM EST
To: Stephanie Grisham
Subject: POTUS print pool 9

Moments after Bush 43 exited a side entrance with former First Lady Laura Bush, President Trump and former president Obama appeared at the top of the East Capitol steps at 12:35

Steps were lined  with military guards in appropriate rain gear (unlike your poolster).
Accompanying the 44th and 45th presidents were VP Pence and former VP Biden, along with wives. All four walked down halfway to the first landing, from where the Pences accompanied the Bidens to their limo.

Trump and the new First Lady walked the Obamas to the helicopter formerly known as Marine One for takeoff.
Revving engines precluded any sound, words, from 44 and 45.
Trump and Obama shook hands. Trump also kissed Michelle on both cheeks. The women also exchanged hugs.
Michelle got on the chopper first, followed by Obama, who waved from the door, and then also through a window from inside the aircraft.
The Trumps then turned back to the Capitol steps and rejoined the Pences in facing the chopper and waving to the Obamas.
Wheels left the ground at 11:45 for Andrews.
Trump and Melania then made their way back up the steps and inside the Capitol for lunch.
Also on the steps for Obama departure was House Speaker Paul Ryan and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

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Kevin Diaz
Houston Chronicle/HEARST

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