Fw: Potus print pool report 4 -- gaggle highlights

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Subject: Potus print pool report 4 -- gaggle highlights

Schultz gaggle on AF One en route San Francisco:

POTUS remarks to mayors: will be on efforts to help the middle class “despite inaction in Congress” … mentioned minimum wage, expanding paid leave, climate change, MBK initiatives. Noted cities who have embraced Obama agenda items, instituting paid sick leave and investing in early childhood education.

On the Confederate flag in SC: the president has said before he believes “the Confederate flag belongs in a museum, and that’s still his position.”

Maron interview: “I can tell you it was a very candid, extended conversation, about an hour.” The president had an opportunity to reflect on not only the issues of the day but much more his approach, his perspective, “how his upbringing informs his decision making.”

How the White House decided to do this interview: “I think it’s highly unusual. I’m fairly certain this is the first time a POTUS has been interviewed in a garage” … a unique opportunity for the president to take some time away from the daily back and forth … “really offer listeners the opportunity to have more insight into how he makes decisions” … “what he’s thinking about in terms of his family, his past, his future … a lot of those personal reflections”

State Dept report on unabated Iran support for terror groups, implications for nuclear talks: “our very serious and grave concerns about iran’s support for terrorism remains unabated” … “that is all the more reason that we need to make sure that they don’t obtain a nuclear weapon”

Reports that POTUS had dinner with Katzenberg/Spielberg: can confirm he did have dinner with these two friends … (didn’t donate money to come to the dinner) it was just dinner with friends … (not on the schedule because) it was a private dinner with friends ... This was at the hotel, on his private time, a social occasion, unrelated to his official obligations are preisdent

Remarks by Pelosi tonight will be open to the pool?: Tom Steyer will intro the president, and Pelosi will intro Steyer, so “it’d be unusual for access for that part of the pre program, but I feel confident given the circumstances that we can let you guys in

Does the president’s visit to Ethiopia confer legitimacy on their recent problematic election: this trip is about working with people in subsaharan africa … “We regularly both in public and in private communicate our concerns about some of the subjects you’ve raised”

Pivotal weekend for greece: refers to Treasury, says both sides need to work expeditiously to finalize a credible reform program that will lay a longterm foundation for recovery

Report from the Pentagon today about Russian jets crossing paths with commercial air traffic in the Baltics. Will the president reach out to the Kremlin?: I did not see that report … “we voice concerns regularly about russia’s escalation in the region  … toughest sanctions regime Russia has seen,” nothing new to add

Will POTUS or VPOTUS go to Charleston?: no travel plans to announce now

New plans for SNAP program?: I think he was just using that as an example

Wll POTUS talk to Tom Steyer about Keystone, is there a Keystone update: “Mr. Steyer’s views on this are well known … We’re all acutely aware of Mr. Steyer’s views on this issue” … don’t have an update on the review

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