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President Obama spoke at the White House Summit on Global Development in a large room inside the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center at approximately 3:30pm, striking a reflective tone, with six American flags immediately to his right.

Obama announced that he signed the Global Food Security Act immediately before arriving, to a stand ovation. He joked the audience was one of "do-gooders". His remarks focused on sustainable development, food security, global health, trade, and "human dignity". His speech had themes of common goals.

"Obviously, this has been a tough couple of weeks, not just here in the United States but around the world," Obama said. He said people's fears are "legitimate". "This is a challenging time with threats of terrorism," he said, adding some feared globalization left too many behind.

Obama said global development investments are important "because if we make those investments we're also going to be in a better position to protect our country and improve our country".

He called such investment a "key pillar of american foreign policy", and joked it would stay that way "as long as I'm president". And, he said, "I'm confident, in the next administration".

"We're here on this earth for just the blink of an eye each of us, we take the world that's been given us and we try to make it just a little bit better, and then somebody else picks it up and they do their part," said Obama.

The president's speech was preceded by two videos highlighting work by the USAID, and an introduction by Strive Masiyiwa.

The first video featured the voices of multiple presidents and images of USAID's work. The second featured a Jordanian school principal who had enrolled additional Syrian students, refugees of the civil war, by asking each to bring a chair.

President Obama was introduced by Strive Masiyiwa, the founder of the telecommunications company Econet based in Zimbabwe, who discussed an african youth leadership initiative and the Power Africa initiative (to bring electricity to sub-saharan Africa).

Masiyiwa said he first met then-Senator Obama approximately 10 years ago, and found him knowledgeable about global development then. He said, "Wow, how do you introduced the President of the United States? They said I have three minutes, I said in Africa I can't say my name in three minutes."



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