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Below is the background info on the winners of the Student Film Festival. I have photos of the program if any one wants it.

The children are wearing suits and dresses. One, whom another reporter says in Ewen Drum, is wearing a suit and a bright orange cape. (Please confirm)

Sarah D. Wire
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On Background from a White House Official:

Today student filmmakers, mentors and leaders in entertainment and the arts will gather for the second-annual White House Student Film Festival. President Obama will announce a new Call to Arts Initiative through the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), the federal agency tasked with leading United We Serve, to help inspire and mentor young artists around the country. The President will also announce that the American Film Institute (AFI) and Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) have answered his call and will work toward a goal of one million mentor hours over the next three years together with the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

Over 1,500 students sent their movies to be considered and today the White House Student Film Festival will showcase 15 students’ visions on the theme, “The Impact of Giving Back” and highlight the promise of mentorship in the arts and calls for the entertainment industry to build upon their mentoring programs and engagement nationwide. The fifteen student videos from around the country were chosen as “Official Selections” in collaboration with the American Film Institute who engaged with Participant Media and their Teach initiative to expand the festival this year, which includes a second day of the event, featuring workshops and educational programs at the Newseum.

For more information visit wh.gov/FilmFest and Serve.gov .

Student Filmmakers:

Erin Benning (Age: 14), Hilmar, CA

Film Name: “Karing for Kaiden”

Erin Benning is a fourteen- year-old freshman at Hilmar High School in rural Hilmar, California. In April of 2014, Erin met 7 year old Kaiden Pacheco, an elementary student in the same school district, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Rhabdomyosaroma. Kaiden’s story touched Erin’s heart and Erin wanted to do something to help Kaiden. Erin began a fundraising campaign called Karing for Kaiden. The first fundraiser created a ripple effect that motivated others to raise funds to support Kaiden and her family. Erin participated and assisted with many of these events which to date have raised over $100,000. Erin was inspired to create this film because she wanted the chain reaction to keep growing. The film depicts Erin and Kaiden’s journey with Karing for Kaiden from Erin’s point of view.

Riley Beres (Age: 17), San Pedro, CA.

Film Name: “A Sockumentary”

Riley Beres, a 17-year old Senior at Port of Los Angeles High School in San Pedro, CA created the film, “A Sockumentary.” Riley’s film is a synopsis of a long journey investigating the different aspects of homelessness in LA. She created Socks for Souls, Inc. an IRS recognized 501(c)3 as a way to help restore dignity to those experiencing hardship, one pair of socks at a time. This film expresses that there are certain needs of the homeless that we often do not think about, along with the idea that small acts can help move all of us towards a better future. “A Sockumentary” focuses on 1) why socks and other hygiene essentials are important, 2) what a small token of compassion can mean to someone in need and, 3) the impact of giving.

Keanu Benjamin Jones (Age: 18), Flagstaff, AZ

Film Name: “Giving Back the Navajo Way”

Keanu Benjamin Jones, an eighteen-year-old Navajo, is a senior at the Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy (FALA) in Flagstaff, Arizona. Growing up, Keanu watched as his grandparents were affected by diabetes, an illness that is becoming a Navajo Nation health epidemic. In addition to his focus on diabetes, Keanu illustrated the Navajo water rights issues in his film. He and his friends took the opportunity to film how threats to the Navajo water rights can affect their community against the backdrop of the dwindling water resources. Keanu’s hope is to encourage creative thinking through films, like his own “Giving Back the Navajo Way” to restore the Navajo traditions of self-reliance and good health, as well as to value our precious natural resources.

Desmond Bournes (Age: 18) and Ajamu Austin (Age: 15) Chicago, IL

Others not in attendance: Alfonse Burres, Ajamu Austin, Isreal Almaguer

Film Name: The C.H.A.M.P.S.

The C.H.A.M.P.S. (Culturally Helping and Making Positive Succes) Mentoring Filmmakers is a program for high school aged males and is based in the Southside of Chicago. They were inspired to produce a film that was anchored in a positive message and encouraged young men who face adversity. The mentors and mentees created a production team that spent hundreds of hours planning and sharing ideas. The film was shot on the Southside of Chicago at the Gary Comer Youth Center, Gary Comer College Prep, and the Ring of Hope Empowerment Zone. The young men in the film felt compelled to use Hip-Hop as a means of communicating their message.

Diane Bramble (Teacher) and Sadie Melendez (Student, Age: 9), Boulder, CO

Film Name: “We Starts with Me”

“We Starts with Me” is a collaboration between 18 elementary students from Friends' School in Boulder Colorado, ranging in age from 7-9, and was conceived, shot, and edited in eight days. They worked with their teacher Diane Bramble, and music teacher Monica Waterhouse, and Rachel Lederman’s creative production agency, Sweet Sadie Inc. Lederman is the mother of Sadie Melendez, a student at Friends’ School and actor in the film.

Ewan Drum (Age: 8), Detroit, MI

Film Name: “Super Ewan”

Ewan Drum is an 8-year-old boy from the Detroit area. Last year, Ewan asked if he could dress like a superhero and help the homeless when he was a teenager. His parents immediately said "You don't have to wait." With the help of Ewan's grandparents, Super Ewan took flight! Super Ewan, Inc. has become a 501(c)(3) and helps over 135 people each month at two adventures (distributions). Ewan saw the second annual White House Student Film Festival as an opportunity to tell his story in hopes of inspiring others to make a difference. Super Ewan's motto is "We can all be a superhero to someone!"

Allyson Edwards (Age: 16) and Madison Jaco (17), Hawkins, TX

Film Name: “Generation Change”

Juniors Allyson Edwards and Madison Jaco attend Hawkins High School in Hawkins, Texas and are a part of an international environmental science program called GLOBE. They have traveled to New Delhi, India twice to participate in global science fairs. There, they discussed how they could help the environment, including local initiatives like Adopt-a-Highway. Students from Argentina, Benin, Croatia, France, India, and Nigeria quickly hopped on board with the plan. Since then, the girls have been in contact with students all across the globe working to achieve their goal: a cleaner, healthier environment. This film, “Generation Change,” is a glimpse of that journey.

Jeff Fan (Age 17), Josephine Ullman (Age: 16), and Leo Duch (Age: 16), Bethesda, MD

Film Name: "To Change"

Barons United is a school-wide, student led community awareness project at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School (B-CC), in Bethesda, Maryland.  One facet of this year's Barons United project was to spark discussion on the issues of sexual violence, sex-based shaming, and a gender-based confidence gap. Director Jeff Fan, an active member of the Barons United project, was inspired by their work this year to create this film. Juniors Jeff Fan, Josephine Ullman, and Leo Duch are part of the IB Film program at B-CC, a four-year media studies program.

Noah Gue (Age: 6), Bozeman, MT

Film Name: “Noah’s Project – Through My Eyes”

Six-year-old Noah Gue grew up in Western Montana with his wildland firefighter father and his photographer mother.  He was inspired by the changing climate and landscape of his hometown, so decided to embark on a journey of advocacy for the local wildlife and environment. Noah has traveled across the state of Montana to photograph, rescue, and learn about wildlife and habitats threatened by the impact of human development and climate change. He created this film to inspire others, especially children who will be deeply affected by the impacts of climate change in the future.

Archer Hadley (Age: 18), Austin, TX

Film Name: “The Archer Hadley Story”

Archer Hadley, a senior at Austin High School in Austin, Texas, was born with cerebral palsy and uses a motorized wheelchair to get around campus. He started a fundraiser to install handicapped access doors to his school and inspired senior Ben Root to create a documentary. Ben Root acted as Producer, Director and Editor. Junior Alex Treviño served as 2nd Unit Director. Emily Potter, a junior, was in charge of production sound and served as an assistant producer and assistant editor. Khunal Parkash, also a junior, was the Key Grip and Assistant Camera. Finally, senior Keirra Ewah researched and formulated interview questions, interviewed the subjects, and produced transcripts.

Jason Kim (Age: 17), Philadelphia, PA

Film Name: “A Student’s Dream”

Jason Kim is a junior at Conestoga High School in Philadelphia. Passionate about film, he uses this visual and auditory medium to help present his beliefs, ideas, and emotions to the rest of the world. He wrote the script for the short film, “A Student’s Dream,” based off his own observations in high school. He believes that many teachers are rarely praised and acknowledged for their work and involvement in their students’ lives, both in and out of the classroom. He made the film with actors Jack Lewis and Cameron Pratt, both seniors at Conestoga High School.

David Maxwell (Age: 15) and Jared Collazo (Age: 16) New York, NY

Film Name: Mentoring in Harlem

Over the past three years, young people at the Grant Houses and Manhattanville Houses, city-run housing projects, have been feuding. The result of this feud has been 2 murders, 19 injuries and 50 shootings. Many of the nine students who created this film live in the Grant Houses and are faced with challenges such as high school drop out rates, homelessness, poverty, and unemployment. However, while dealing with these challenges, these nine students, including David Maxwell and Jared Collazo, came together, learned video and journalism, sought out successful mentoring programs, interviewed mentors and mentees, and made this film about mentoring in Harlem.

Julissa Perez (Age: 17), Daniela Pereira (Age: 17), Shaun Besman (Age: 18), West Palm Beach, Florida

Film Name: “Give it All Away”

Julissa Perez, Daniela Pereira, and Shaun Besman are seniors attending G-Star school of the arts in West Palm Beach, Florida. The three students were inspired by the small acts ordinary people do with great love. The students believe that these are the acts that affect others most profoundly. They brought their unique talents together: Julissa with her music, Daniela with her words, and Shaun with his cinematography skills, to create “Give it All Away.”

Elijah Wells (Age: 17), Miami, FL

Others not in attendance: Dominique River and Rodrick Whisby

Film Name: “Giving Bach Through My Lens”

Seventeen-year-old Elijah Wells is a filmmaker who attends Miami Arts Charter School in Florida. As a child, he watched his mother volunteer and give back to their community. Inspired by his mother’s actions, Elijah enjoys giving back to the youth in his community through his work with cinematography. This film is based on his journey as an aspiring filmmaker who also works as a mentor for the youth in his community.

Anna Yeo (Age: 16), Andover, Massachusetts

Film Name: “Start Here”

Anna Yeo is a sixteen-year-old sophomore at Andover High School in Andover, Massachusetts. Anna was excited to show what making a difference meant to her, as she has always been interested in social justice and the topic of equality. Combining her love for stop-motion animation and her wish to convey an idea, she created the film Start Here. Start Here was made to show its viewers that giving back and making a difference can start by simply changing the way they perceive others.

Administration Officials:

·         Wendy Spencer, CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)

Leaders in the Entertainment Industry attending today:

·         Bob Gazzale – President of AFI (American Film Institute)

·         Chad Boettcher – Executive Vice President, Social Action and Advocacy at Participant Media

·         Ken Howard – President of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)

·         David White – Executive Director of SAG

·         Terrance J – Actor

·         Jake Johnson – Actor

·         LaLa Anthony – Actress

·         Michael Ealy – Actor

·         Joe Morton – Actor

·         Steve McQueen- Director

·         Bianca Stigter – Film Producer

·         Amber Riley – Actress

·         Hillary Swank – Actress

·         Kal Penn – Actor and Former White House employee

·         Will Packer – Producer


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