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Subject: Print pool 3 -- Potus deplanes; gaggle, part two

Potus deplanes under the sunny skies of Columbus, shook hands with greeters and walked over to shake hands with a small crowd. Broad grin on his face, leaning way over to reach a little kid -- clearly enjoying the rope line.

1. Andrew Ginther, Mayor, Columbus, OH (D)
2. John O'Grady, Commissioner, Franklin County, OH (D)

Thanks to Juliet Eilperin for this account of the second half of the Earnest in-flight gaggle:

Earnest said the president enjoys being back on the campaign trail.

"The president's not just having a good time, he looks like he's having a good time. I think he's mindful of the fact that over the course of this week this will essentially be the last big campaign swing of his political career."

"So I think he's looking forward to making a spirited case on behalf of Secretary Clinton as well as Democrats up and down the ballot. Part of this is an indication of exactly how big he thinks the stakes are in this election."

Earnest added that Obama will specifically talk about how he's come to respect Clinton based on her three decade-long career, his experience running against her during the 2008 campaign and his time when she served as his Secretary of State.

"He believes strongly that Secretary Clinton would be an excellent president."

"And finally I'll say that this is a reflection of the deep reservoir of political support that the president has all across the country. There's a reason that Secretary Clinton team's has asked President Obama to maintain such an impressive travel schedule."

"He has eagerly accepted Secretary Clinton team's invitation" to travel so much during the campaign's final week.

On the political crisis in South Korea, Earnest said he has not discussed it with Obama, adding he would state as a general matter "that the alliance between the United States and the Republic of Korea is strong and durable."

He noted Obama "has had the opportunity to work closely with President Park," but when it comes to the nation's domestic situation, "that's an issue for the South Korean people to discuss and debate."
In terms of early voting turnout among African American voters being lower than it was in 2012, Earnest said "each state and each community is unique."

"The president has made a pretty direct pitch to his supporters in the African American community about the fact that his legacy's at stake in this election." While Obama has made this pitch to all of his supporters,

Earnest said the president expected it "would resonate most deeply in the African American community."
There is a choice between a candidate who would "build on that progress" and one who's "vowing to tear down" that progress, Earnest added.

Asked is Obama is worried that Trump's call for his supporters to monitor polling sites could lead to voter intimidation, Earnest said individual state and local governments have rules on election activity. "The president's got a lot of confidence that all of those rules will be effectively and fairly enforced."

Asked about what the president thinks of the Army Corps of Engineers' handling of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Earnest said, "There's not much I can say about that particular project" given the ongoing litigation.

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