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There was a small demonstration outside the athletic center at Capital university where Obama is speaking. One sign deplored drones, another complained of mace and attack dogs, one accused Obama of being a war criminal. Also, some demonstrators chanted "water is life." The pool passed too quickly to talk to anyone.

Potus spoke to a spillover crowd, entering the room without announcement. When they saw him The crowd of a few hundred went nuts. He asked them to "make sure my successor, the 45th president, is Hillary Clinton." He said I love you guys, appreciate you, then he worked a frenzied rope line. Very close to us, potus saw this cute baby crying his tiny head off, motioned for the mom to pass him up and she did. He tried to comfort this baby but the screaming all around was too much. (Carrie Breitwieser is the mom, baby is Brooks, 10 months, per radio pooler Tara McKelvey.)

In the bigger room next door, Rep. Joyce Beatty introduced Obama as "the man who gave us hope .. The man who gave us yes we can."

Event is open press.

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