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POTUS was introduced by DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Obama says America' is coming back near the top of his address to applause. DNC faithful were an enthusiastic crowd, atmosphere felt a bit like a political rally. A few times people shouted things like "That's my president"

Obama mocks Republican predictions of doom and gloom on the economy: "The sky hasn’t fallen. Chicken Little is quiet," he says.

POTUS said that Republicans are starting to take credit for the economy because they got just got elected. "I didn't know that's how the economy works but... maybe?" Obama says.

Obama mentions Sen. Rand Paul and calls him an "interesting guy." Notes that Paul has been trying to compete everywhere, including in places like the South Side of Chicago.

"I think that's encouraging that he wants to go to the South Side of Chicago. ... I want parties to compete everywhere. That's a good thing. ... I guarantee you that Sen. Paul would be welcome there. We are a friendly bunch," Obama says noting he was just in Chicago's South Side.

Obama on Republicans new focus on economic and income inequality: "If they are prepared to walk the walk, we should welcome them."

"There's nothing I like more than an opposition party that's willing to engage with us and work with us on these issues. Maybe they've got different ideas, but genuine ideas."

Obama shouts out Wal-Mart, says that they're raising wages because it's good for business. Obama encourages other companies to do the same.

POTUS tells Republicans to stop trying to take away health insurance and deport families, saying they're trying to  "bamboozle folks."

Obama says there are places where Republicans and Democrats can work together, including on criminal justice reform.

Obama finishes speaking at 11:36. Exists his usual "Land of Hope and Dreams" by Springsteen.

Please check all quotes against the transcript or video.

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