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Obama, speaking in a blue suit and white yarmulke, recalls description of him as the first "Jewish President" and jokes about being a "honorary member of the Tribe"
Speech recalls MLK and historical persecution of Jews and African Americans.
"This nation was called upon to see all of us as equal before the law... Our country is immeasurably stronger because we do."

On Israel:
Despite policy disagreements, he says "the people of Israel must always know, America has its back"

Also: "my commitment to Israel's security is and always will be unshakable "

On Iran: "Iran must not under any circumstances be allowed to get a nuclear weapon....  I will not accept a bad deal."

Noted his name will be on any deal.

But , amid shared values, vowed to speak "honestly" about political differences, particularly on the Palestinian issue.

Decried persistent anti-semitism in world, called it a "threat to broader human values"

Called congregation "a testament to the power of hope"

"Our shared heritage makes us stronger"

Among audience, recognized by Obama:
Sens. Michael Bennett and Sander Levin

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